Sharad Pawar to support BJP?

Sharad Pawar is bargaining with both sides, Shiv Sena as well as BJP. He is being offered 50% of ministries in Maharashtra by BJP plus 2 ministries at the Centre furthermore, Modi government will put all corruption cases against Sharad Pawar and his Party folks in cold storage. It won’t be a surprise therefore, if Sharad Pawar supports BJP.

Don’t know about support of 170 MLAs, says Pawar as Sena exudes confidence of forming Maha govt

NRC or no NRC..

NRC or no NRC, not even a single person can be deported from India. The reason is simple, the person, whose name is not in NRC can file a court case against his/her deportation. It’s common knowledge that a court case in India drags for decades. A very large number of Indians themselves are staying illegally in Europe, U.S, Canada, Australia and New-Zealand. A foreigner, who is staying illegally in India deserves praise for choosing a country like India to live. He/She should be automatically awarded Indian citizenship.

Amit Shah says NRC applies across India, Mamata Banerjee says not in West Bengal

2 booked for issuance of fake invoices

Government of India should appoint both these geniuses Naveen Mutreja and Keshav Ram as the Finance and Commerce Ministers of India. They will make India the fastest growing economy in the world in reality not on the paper, like Modi administration.

Delhi: 2 men booked for alleged involvement in issuance of fake invoices

Climate change: scientific expedition to the Sahara

Great perspective from Professor Paul Sereno on climate change on a recent scientific expedition to the Sahara.

Myanmar Cardinal Concludes Week-long Visit to Northeast India

Cardinal Charles Bo of Myanmar with Meghalaya Chief Minister

Guwahati, 13 November 2019 — Salesian Cardinal Charles Maung Bo concluded his weeklong visit to the Northeast India on Wednesday, November 13, 2019,  after a concluding concelebrated Mass in Salesian Provincial House, Guwahati, Assam. Cardinal Bo, the President of the Federation of Asian Bishops Conferences (FABC) and Archbishop of Yangon, made his first ever visit to the region,  known as the cradle of the Salesian missions in India.  

Cardinal Bo was the main celebrant of the Eucharist and  annual Eucharistic procession which was attended by some 2,00,000 people from the region.  The Cardinal won the hearts of the faithful of the Khasi and Jaintia Hills with the Eucharistic celebration and exhortation in faultless Khasi language.  Many of the faithful were struck by his ability to communicate to them in their own language, though this was his first visit to the Northeast and to Shillong, considered the mother Church of the region. 

The Cardinal began his pastoral journey with a visit to the well-known Salesian College, Sonada and a visit to the Bishop of Darjeeling. In Sonada, he spoke to the staff and students of the College and recalled the long association the Salesians of Myanmar had with the college in the past.  The present-day Myanmar Salesian Province was part of the Kolkata province till a decade ago and many Salesians from Myanmar had their formation in Salesian College, Sonada. 

The Cardinal then flew to Guwahati and travelled by road to Shillong to be at the Eucharistic Procession in fulfillment of an invitation he had received from the late Salesian Archbishop Dominic Jala of Shillong. But Archbishop Jala died in a car accident in USA, and the visit of the Cardinal happened to be exactly a month after his tragic demise, bringing great comfort and solace for the family members, clergy, religious and faithful of Shilling archdiocese. 

The Cardinal not only recalled the warm and cordial relationship he had with his fellow Salesian and Archbishop of Shillong, but also recalled the great lose his sudden death has caused for the universal Church and the Church in India and the region where he had made distinct contribution as an able pastor and erudite leader.  

The faithful were moved to tears when the Cardinal played the audio recording of the last words of Archbishop Jala in Khasi when they had met in Rome a few days before his death. The recording was made by Archbishop Jala at the request of Cardinal Bo,  and was meant to be a farewell message of the Cardinal before he would leave Shillong, but in fact became the farewell of Archbishop Jala himself.

The Cardinal presided over the Eucharist in the Sacred Heart Theological College, Shillong, an institution that has formed hundreds of priests for the region and the Church. He also paid tribute to Salesian patriarch Fr Sylvanus Sngi Lyngdoh, at his tomb near the Sacred Heart Shrine. He visited many important institutions and formation centres in Shillong and met fellow Salesians, priests and religious and those in formation. He presided over the Eucharist in the regional Major Seminary, Oriens Theological College near Mawlai, where he exhorted the students to study theology with their mind and heart. He urged the future priests to emulate  the pastoral leadership and qualities of Pope Francis in their ministry.   

Earlier the Cardinal dedicated an amphitheatre at Siloam- a centre for wholeness and transformational leadership at Umiam, near Shillong, to late Archbishop Dominic Jala. He also offered floral tributes and blessed the tomb of Archbishop Jala in the presence of his family members and the church leaders of the Archdiocese.  H visited the home of Archbishop Jala and comforted the family members. 

In Shillong and Guwahati he addressed the Salesian Family where he spoke of his country, Myamnar which had gone through decades of military rule. He explained the struggle the country continues to face even as civilian rule is gradually emerging. Speaking of the Church in the country, he highlighted the role being played by the Catholic Church in building peace among the many religious and ethnic communities through inter-religious dialogue.

Before he left Guwahati for Kolkata en route to Yangon, the Cardinal expressed his gratitude to God and to the people of the region for the warmth, hospitality and spiritual fervor he had witnessed. END

Myanmar Cardinal praises inter-faith harmony at Kolkata meet

Cardinal Charles Bo of Myanmar meets with inter-faith delegation at Kolkata

Kolkata, 13 November 2019 — On a stop over in Kolkata on the last leg of his first visit to Darjeeling, Guwahati and Shillong, Cardinal Charles Maung Bo of Yangon Myanmar was ecstatic about the inter-faith unity, harmony and brotherhood he witnessed among religious leaders who met him in Kolkata, 13 November 2019.

“I am deeply touched by the religious brotherhood and respect shown by the minority delegation of Muslim and Buddhist leaders who spent fellowship time,” said the cardinal who is known for his leadership among the Religions for Peace movement.

Among the delegation that met the 72-year old cardinal were: Member of Ministry of Minority Affairs and Madrasa Education, Government of West Bengal Dr Arunjyoti Bihikkhu; Imam-e-Juma of Kashipur Kolkata and Member of West Bengal Waqf Board Moulana Syed Meher Abbas Rizvi; Buddhist Monk Bodhimay Bhikku; Social activist Md Ehteshamul Haque; another social activist Sk. Raja, and others.

Among six minority communities in West Bengal are Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Sikh, Jain and Parsi groups.

Commenting on the role religions could play in today’s situations of religious strife, intolerance and persecution in different parts of the world, the cardinal said “Diversity should not be seen as a threat, but are to be celebrated… it is unity in diversity that enriches humanity, otherwise we will never have peace in the world.”

The cardinal while praising the inter-religious harmony witnessed in Kolkata visit, encouraged religious leaders to come together and work for peace and development, and social and religious harmony.

Concluding the meeting, the cardinal embraced each one of the members who came to meet him, and encouraged them to work for peace, harmony and brotherhood.

Besides being archbishop of Yangon, Salesian Cardinal Charles Bo is also the President of the “Federation of Asian Bishop’s Conferences” (FABC) consisting of 26 countries, Member of the “Pontifical Council for Culture and Consecrated Life (Rome), and Member of the “Pontifical Commission for Communication (Rome). END

Vital services crash as corruption cripples Delhi civic bodies

This is the condition in the capital of India. Where are the Modi ‘Bhakts’, who keep saying that there is no corruption in the raj of Kalki Avtaar, NAMO.

Bolivia: Evo Morales calls for dialogue

Brothers, I reiterate my request for a national dialogue, where we are all represented, social movements, civic committees and political parties. If I can contribute with my presence to the peaceful solution that stops the violence and takes care of life, I will do it for my dear Bolivia

Uncovered: 265 coordinated fake local media outlets serving Indian interests

Over 265 fake local news sites in more than 65 countries are managed by an Indian influence network.

Here are some findings from these websites:

  1. Most of them are named after an extinct local newspaper or spoof real media outlets;
  2. They republish content from several news agencies (KCNA, Voice of America, Interfax);
  3. Coverage of the same Indian-related demonstrations and events;
  4. Republications of anti-Pakistan content from the described Indian network (including EP Today, 4NewsAgency, Times Of Geneva, New Delhi Times);
  5. Most websites have a Twitter account as well.

Read more here


All Drama perpetuated by Uddhav Thackeray to install his useless son as the CM of Maharashtra. This Aaditya Thackeray is not even worthy of becoming a peon. Now, that Uddhav Thookraey has exhausted all his options. He will patch up with BJP because in case of another Assembly Elections in Maharashtra, Shiv Sena will become “Shaav” Sena and would lose badly furthermore, none of the elected 56 MLA’s of Shiv Sena will want fresh polls again, they will defect to BJP leaving Shiv Sena only a baap/betaa party of Thookraey Clan

Will not burn bridges with Shiv Sena: BJP keeps doors open as Uddhav reaches out to Congress-NCP

(The song of death or life)

The song of death or life

Every death takes a new life..
You can see as a death..
I can see as a life..
Your victory is your failure..
I find thy celebration of life…
But that life is your death…
He wrote the destruction of your life…
But your life starts with your death…
I witnessing life and not your death or life…


When Indian Economy would be worth 1000 Trillion

The day is not far when U.S., Russia, Britain and China would be queuing up to buy Indian weapons based on BJP’s ancient wisdom of mythological weapons of Ramayana and Mahabharata. Why only 10 Trillion U.S. Dollars, Indian Economy would then be worth 1000 Trillion $. Before this happens though, Pigs would start flying.

India has potential to become USD 10 trillion economy in 10-15 years: Rajnath

Hongkong: Police shoots protesters

What is up with the Indian tech sector? Is it the US visa situation?

Good news, these IT sector folks are highly overpaid cyber coolies. High time, they are shown the door. They all can go and join Modi/BJP cyberarmy as trolls.

More pain for mid-senior IT employees as large companies plan further layoffs

and Pakistan is now trying to be extra friendly towards Indian Sikhs, what an irony

Pakistani Establishment would make serious attempts to revive the Khalistan Movement through this so called Kartarpur Corridor. Sidhu would get financing for the aforesaid from ISI. These Sikhs don’t remember their history, majority of Sikh Gurus were tortured to death by Muslim Kings in the Medieval India.

and Pakistan is now trying to be extra friendly towards Indian Sikhs, what an irony.

Hamaara Sidhu Kidhar Hai: Imran Khan asking for Sidhu at Kartarpur opening goes viral

Cyclone Bulbul kills many across India and Bangladesh

20 dead as Cyclone Bulbul smashes into India, Bangladesh coasts – Times of India

Meanwhile, an endangered deer born on day of storm, zoo names it Bulbul

Also, #Bulbul connectes the duo:

PM Modi, Mamata Banerjee connect over Cyclone Bulbul after ‘refusing’ his calls on Cyclone Fani

Economic Decolonization: Benin President Orders withdrawal of CFA from France

West African CFA-Franc nations plan to move reserves from France


Bolivian president resigns

With the aim of stopping violence in the country in a coup driven by oppositions, Evo Morales resigns from the Presidency of Bolivia on Sunday

President Evo Morales Resigns Amid Right-wing Coup

According to journalist Ben Norton, the coup is similar to US-backed coup against Honduras’ elected leftist President Manuel Zelaya. Same tactics were used to overthrow Evo Morales.

And reactions from many

#bolivia, #sosbolivia

India: Fear of horse-trading in Maharashtra

Shiv Sena knows very well that this is the last time, they are in a position to form government. During the next Maharashtra Assembly Elections in 2024, both BJP and Shiv Sena will be routed. Modi’s so called magic across whole India is finished. Shiv Sena therefore, wants to encash this last opportunity for the next foreseeable future to get the CM’s post and earn Billions.

India Today: Shiv Sena shifts MLAs to hotel, NCP, Congress accuse BJP of poaching as Maharashtra potboiler continues

Financial Express: Maharastra government formation: Shiv Sena shifts MLAs to Mumbai’s Rangsharda Hotel after denying poaching concerns

#india, #bjp, #maharashtra, #shiv-sena

India: Mastodon vs Twitter

There is online outrages over alleged disabling of many Twitter users belong to ‘left wing’ or critics of the ruling party, and many minority leaders in India. Even main stream media in India covering the issue.

First Post: As outrage over Twitter India’s alleged ‘bias’ grows, journalists and activists ‘migrate’ to Mastodon: How to join this open source micro-blogging site

Hindu BusinessLine: Social network Mastodon is trending in India; should Twitter worry?

#mustodon, #twitter

Several countries demand end to the US blockade against Cuba

The world demands an end to the US blockade against Cuba

United Nations, Nov 6 (Prensa Latina) Countries from different continents raised their voices on Wednesday at the UN General Assembly to call for an end to the US economic blockade against Cuba, which with its extraterritorial nature affects many nations.

India joined the majority concert of countries from all continents that raised their voice in the General Assembly of the @ONU_es UN to claim the end of the economic, commercial and financial blockade of #EEUU against #Cuba Cuba.

BBC fans choose 100 top novels

Explore the list of 100 Novels That Shaped Our World

The Books I Wanted To Leave Behind To My Daughter

“I bought my baby daughter these books the night before my cancer operation” #MyBookLife

Gepostet von BBC Arts am Montag, 4. November 2019

Another Self Certified Genius from BJP.

Another Self Certified Genius from BJP.

Pak or China may have released poisonous gas: ‘Kamal Kamal Kamal’ leader on Delhi air pollution

Hongkong, Bolivia, same story – protesters are bullied everywhere

Growing unrest in Bolivia as audit of disputed poll gets under way

Twitter is discriminating against minorities in India

In India, Twitter has been accused of discriminating against minorities and users of the social media platform now trending #cancelallBlueTicksinIndia with more than 67 thousand tweets & re-tweets.

trending in India..

Recently, Twitter declared that it is banning all political advertising from its service, saying social media companies give advertisers an unfair advantage in proliferating highly targeted, misleading messages.

India not to join RCEP

What concerns Modi is talking about. On one side, Modi is traveling everywhere in the world and asking foreign companies to come and invest in India. Competition in every sector benefits the customer. If Chinese companies can produce good quality stuff at lower prices, what’s stopping Indian companies from doing so? Indian businessmen like Vijay Mallya, Mehul Choksi, Neerav Modi have defrauded Indian banks in collusion with Bank Management and Politicians. Indian businesses need to shape up or close shop. Why should Indian government deprive the Indian consumers of choices by hand holding domestic organizations.

India decides to not join RCEP agreement, Modi says deal does not address our concerns

Indian cow milk contains gold

It’s not only Dilip Ghosh. These RSS ( Parent body of BJP, the political party in power, for the kind information of foreign readers) folks are mostly school drop outs. Their instructors at RSS branches, brainwash them with fake/false tales of Hindu bravado and India’s so called domination over the whole world during an imaginary medieval period. That’s why these BJP politicians regularly keep coming up with such “pearls of wisdom”.

Indian cow milk contains gold? Internet rips Dilip Ghosh apart

How to sue Twitter, Facebok, et al

If Twitter, Facebook blocks or threaten to block your account? Check out this tweet where the Twitter user and a legal expert hints at how to take on #Twitter (or any other social networking site). Even though they are operating from another country, “by just establishing a ConsumerService Provider relationship”, they can be dragged into a local court of law.

India not to join #RCEP

India has decided not to join Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) agreement as PM Narendra Modi takes a firm stand on India’s core concerns and in the interest of Indian farmers, MSMEs and dairy sector, according to a series of Tweets by Prasar Bharati News Services.

India happy compare with Pakistan

China’s yardstick of comparison is with the West whereas in India, government is happy comparing the country with Pakistan.

Delhi air pollution: Why what worked for China does not work in India


Why are Punjab farmers defying government ban

India’s capital chokes as pollution levels hit the worst this year. – Reuters

Down To Earth reported last year reported that “Farmers struggle to decompose paddy straw in absence of adequate machines”


“Genius” politicians

Both India as well as Pakistan has such “genius” politicians

Bureaucrats siphon off funds

Kashmir to Tamil Nadu, go east or west, this is the same story across all Indian states. These bureaucrats siphon off almost the whole amount under every government scheme. It has been continuing since 1947 and would continue forever. No Modi/Chodi will make any difference.

Odisha: Officers issued notice for misappropriation of funds for malnourished kids

Sukhbir requests PM Modi ..

What nonsense these sick Sikhs “sarjuddaeys” should have been sentenced to long jail terms without any pension or service benefits. This Sukhbir moron character is advocating on behalf of these traitors

Sukhbir requests PM Modi to treat Sikh who deserted Army post Operation Blue Star as ex-servicemen

Snooping, privacy invasive monitoring hits the Indian sub-continent

Snooping, privacy invasive monitoring  hits the Indian sub-continent
Snooping, privacy invasive monitoring hits the Indian sub-continent

The Pakistan government is going to introduce what appears to be the most invasive web-monitoring system (WMS) ever installed in the country, raising alarm bells among its fraternity of digital rights activists. Reports The Express Truibune, Islamabad:

On the other hand, Several Indian Users Hit By Israeli Spyware, Says WhatsApp, reports NDTV, New Delhi:

Safety first, while tavelling

It is disheartening to know of a 21-year-old young British tourist Amelia Bambridge’s body found in a Combodian sea shore.

Young travelers often adventure into out off-the-beaten-path places based on luscious photos and blogs, Instagram posts. Many such promoted information ignore to note and tell us any negatives (or at least some caution) of the spot or place.

Non Violence

Statue of Mahatma Gandhi in the Ariana park, Geneva, Switzerland

Non-violence is the greatest force at the disposal of mankind. It is mightier than the mightiest weapon of destruction devised by the ingenuity of man. Non-violence, which is the quality of the heart, cannot come by an appeal to the brain.

Mahatma GandhI

DTRACK malware infects on Indian nuclear power plant

North Korea-linked hackers group plants malware on Kudankulam facility; exposed India’s vulnerabilities.. writes Asia Times..

on ZDNet: Two days after rumors of a malware infection at the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant surfaced on Twitter, the plant’s parent company confirms the security breach.

Second nuclear plant at TN’s Kudankulam stops operation, wrote Economic Times

And, security experts spake

Some people has doubts on the malware claims

And here’s a scary post!

mainstream #fakeNews

Trump booed!

Lesson to be learnt: Do not face a crowd not organised by your party.

Donald Trump greeted with ‘lock him up’ chant at Washington baseball game

Filipe Nyusi

Mozambican incumbent President Filipe Jacinto Nyusi has won the presidential election on Sunday.

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods wins his 82nd US PGA Tour in Japan.

Tiger Woods is the greatest winning machine golf has ever known. This is also a golfer who deals exclusively in realms of the extraordinary.


US troops take over Syrian oil

US troops take over Syrian oil


Parts of the UK are ageing

Parts of the UK are ageing twice as fast as other areas of the country, while in some cities the population is getting younger, a divergence that will have a lasting impact on local economies, local government and national politics, according to new research.


Brexit extension

UK granted three-month #BrexitExtension till January 31, 2020.

@BorisJohnson wrote to EU requsting for the delay.


The Washington Post faces backlash for headline of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi obituary